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Enjoy two destinations for the price of one!
The Azores Airlines Stopover is a great opportunity to discover the Azores halfway to your final destination. With the option to stay for a few hours or several nights, you will always find great ideas about what to do at this stop.

2 for 1

Make your vacation unforgettable, knowing two destinations by the price of one.

Up to 7 nights

Take the opportunity to spend up to 7 nights on the Island of São Miguel or Terceira Island.

No additional costs

Enjoy our new service Stopover at no additional cost.

How to Book with Stopover
Chose your departure
Choose your departure and final destination.
Choose whether
Choose whether you want to stopover on the outbound or return.
Choose where
Choose where and how long you wish to stopover in Azores.
Proceed to booking!
Proceed to booking!
Stopover Destinations
Azores Destination guide
A paradisiac archipelago, consisting of nine islands with a unique and luxuriant beauty, considered one of the best and most sustainable destinations in the world. Discover more about this >>

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